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Summer Camp – July 16 – July 22, 2017

DSC08551It’s time to start thinking about summer camp!  We will be returning to Owasippe Scout Reservation near Whitehall, Michigan between July 16th and July 22nd.    This year we will be returning to Camp Blackhawk at site #19.

Camp Blackhawk lies on the shores of Big Blue Lake and is rich in tradition, with roots dating back to the early days of Scouting. As one of the Owasippe Scout Reservation camps located in beautiful West Central Michigan, there are 4,800 acres to explore and enjoy.IMG_0695

Along with its long-standing traditions, Blackhawk also has modern facilities like the camp’s handsome Dining Hall, which is filled three times a day with Scouts from all over the Midwest.

Blackhawk has 25 campsites located on hills overlooking Big Blue Lake. The sites have washstands, hot water showers and flush toilets.

Looking out from the Dining Hall, one can see beautiful Big Blue Lake, with its sandy swimming beach. Its docks are set up to create the perfect swimming hole. Swim instruction takes place here, while boating activities can be found down the beach.

DSC08425The camp also offers great programs in Scoutcraft, Ecology/Conservation, Nature, and Aquatics, along with Shooting Sports and Handicraft. A wide variety of merit badges are offered in each program area.


Here are the important dates:


By Saturday, April 1st – Campership Applications Due (financial aid)

Campership application must be completed by the end of March.  Our district is Signal Hill.

By Monday, April 24th – Registration Fee:

Scouts: Provide a check for $325 payable to Troop 964.  Fee includes pizza, subway and monster shakes.

Adults: For adults/Leaders staying the entire week, provide a check for $200, assuming you paid the deposit. Fee includes pizza, subway and monster shakes. The daily rate is $30 if you are not staying the entire week.


By June 19th – Medical Forms:

BSA Medical Forms (Parts A, B, and C) are due June 19th, unless the physical cannot be scheduled by that date (please discuss with Mark Smith). You should have already completed Parts A and B during troop registration in January. Part C requires a physical be performed within the last 12 months of summer camp (since July 22, 2016), and signed by a doctor. A copy of your medical insurance card is also required. An electronic copy of the medical form is attached.

By June 19th – Permission Form

Turn in one permission form per Scout and Adult.  The Troop provides lunch on the way to and from summer camp. If your son is not riding up and back with the troop, see Mark Smith for an adjusted cost.

By June 19th: Money for Outposts/ High Adventure

There are a number of outposts that the Scouts can sign up for such as small boat sailing,horsemanship, and shotgun. (First year Scouts do not generally signup for outposts.) If your son plans to sign up for an outpost, the required fee is due by June 19th. The registration form showing the outposts and associated fees will be provided once it is available.DSC08524


Saturday, 7/15/17, 4:00 PM: Trailer prepack at the Legion.  We need all scouts attending summer camp to participate.  We will load/unload Trailer and load/unload basement with troop gear needed for summer camp as well as load  individual gear onto the trailer.  NO personal gear will be loaded onto trailer Sunday July16th (departure day).  If you are unable to attend, please make prior arrangements for your gear to be dropped off.  DO NOT pack any medication in personal gear, these will be collected on Sunday July 17th before departure.  You do not need to wear your uniform.

Sunday morning, 7/16/17, 5:30 AM Meet at the Legion parking lot.  NO GEAR WILL BE PLACED ON TRAILER ON SUNDAY.  Meet at the Legion dressed in Scout shirt and wearing swim suit. Towel should be accessible. Eat breakfast before you arrive.

Saturday, 7/22/17, Afternoon Return to the Legion.  We will be meeting at Sarah Adams this year due the Alpine Day parade.  Scouts will call their parents when we are about 30 minutes away.


For those interested in sending us mail while we are there:

Your Scout’s Name, Troop 964
Camp Blackhawk, Site 19
Owasippe Scout Reservation
9900 Russell Road
Twin Lake, MI 49457


Owasippe Summer Camp Documents

Owasippe Information For Parents

Owasippe Summer Camp Packing List

Directions to Sarah Adams – Pick-up Location at the end of summer camp

Medical Forms Part A, B, and C – Part C requires a doctor’s signature

2017 Owasippe Merit Badge Schedule

2017 High Adventure Schedule

2017 High Adventure Information

2017 Ultimate Owasippe Adventure

2017 Owasippe Camp Manual – includes merit badge descriptions

Illinois Background Check Form (for adults attending camp)

Michigan Youth Protection Agreement (for adults attending camp)

Owasippe Horsemanship Waiver

Owasippe Links

ATV Waiver

Adults attending Owasippe

Thank you in advance for volunteering your time to help the boys going to Owasippe this summer! We could not offer this great opportunity to our Scouts if it wasn’t for our dedicated leaders and parents.

As most of you know, there are several forms and a youth protection training requirement for Owasippe.

The following information is needed for each adult attending summer camp:

1) Youth Protection Training – please print out the certificate and provide a copy to Mark Smith. The link is: Create an account if you do not have one, then go to e-learning. We will need proof that you have completed this training within the past 2 years.
2) Michigan Youth Protection Agreement – please complete the form and provide it to Mark Smith.
3) Illinois Background Check Form – please complete the form and fax/mail or email directly to DCFS. This should be done soon since there may be a lengthy turn-around time. See instructions on the form.  Owasippe keeps the results of this check on file, so If you have completed this form in the past for Owasippe, you do NOT need to do it again.
4) Medical Forms – parts A and B are required, part C only if staying more than 72 hours. Part C requires a physical.
5) Owasippe Permission Form

Adult registration Fee is $200 due June 19th or $30 per day if you are not staying the entire week. Fee includes pizza, subway and monster shakes.

Forms / Certificates Due Monday, June 19th at Troop Meeting

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