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Activity Survey

Please read through the following six questions and enter your answers at the bottom of the page. Your responses will be used to make reservations where needed as well as plan the logistics. Please note that we are working on some shorter hiking options for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Question #1 – Black Hills Activities – Friday, June 21st

Option #1 – ATV

Black Hills Outdoor Fun offers 4 hour guided tours. The cost is $80 per person. We would most likely get 4 seater UTVs. Depending on the weather and terrain conditions, the tour would take us to either an old abandoned mining town, Canyon City or else Hole in the Wall where we would take a brief hike. The time would either be 8:00am to noon or else 1PM to 5PM.

Option #2 – Custer State Park / Needles Highway

Option #3 – Jewel Cave

80 minute Scenic Cave Tour – Moderately Strenuous.  1-3/4 hour Lantern Tour may also be available. Find out more

Question #2 – Monday, June 24th – Apgar / Lake McDonald Activities

The whole troop will spend a half day at Apgar on Monday. The boats are first come, first served. The responses to this question are really just to gauge interest since we can’t make reservations.

Boats Available to RentRate
Rowboats $18.50/hour
Single Kayaks$15.00/hour
Double Kayaks$18.50/hour
10 hp Motorboat$25.00/hour

Question #3 – Tuesday, June 25th – Hike

The troop will be driving out to Many Glacier for a hike. The drive to Many Glacier will take at least 2 1/2 hours each way, so this will be an all-day event. We will split up the troop based on the degree of difficulty of hike. Please look at the following three options and pick which hike you are interested in taking and capable of completing.

Option #1 – Josephine Lake 4.9 miles, 100ft elevation gain, 5.1 difficulty, Outstanding Lake Views

Josephine Lake

Option #2 – Grinnell Lake 7.1 miles, 190ft elevation gain, 7.5 difficulty, Lake, Scenic Views

Grinnell Lake

Option #3 – Grinnell Glacier 10.3 miles, 1774ft elevation gain, 13.7 difficulty,
Outstanding Views, Glaciers

Grinnell Glacier

Question #4 – Wednesday, June 26th – Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater rafting will be a 1/2 day at Glacier Guides or else at Glacier Rafting Company. We will be renting the “regular” rafts. After taxes, the cost is $68.32.

Question #5 – Thursday, June 27th

On Thursday, we will split the troop up. Part of the troop will go to Canada and the other part of the troop will go hiking as listed below. Note that the drive to Canada is about 3 hours each way, the drive to Many Glacier is about 2-3/4 hours each way, the drive to the Rockwell Falls Trail is about 1-1/2 hour each way and the drive to the Avalanche Lake Trail is about 45 minutes each way. The drive to St Mary’s is about an hour each way.

Option #1 – Many Glacier – Fishercap Lake/Redrock Falls 3.6 miles, 100ft elevation gain, 4.77 difficulty, Waterfalls, Lake, Scenic Views

Fishercap Lake/Redrock Falls

Option #2 – Many Glacier- Bullhead Lake 7.2 miles, 200
ft elevation gain, 8.05 difficulty,
Lakes, Waterfalls, Scenic Views

Bullhead Lake

Option #3 – Many Glacier- Iceberg Lake 9.6 miles, 1400 ft elevation gain, 12.25 difficulty,
Outstanding Views, Alpine Lake, Wildflowers

Iceberg Lake

Option #4 – Two Medicine – Rockwell Falls Trail – 7 miles, 7.75 difficulty

Option #5 – Lake McDonald – Avalanche Lake Trail – 5.7 miles, 7.0 difficulty

Option #6 – Canada – Crypt Lake – 5.5 miles, 2300 ft elevation change
2 hour 50 minute car ride each way, we would need to reserve a boat shuttle

“The Crypt Lake Trail has by far the best reviews in Waterton National Park, better even than the park itself. The trail is much more like Glacier, all the familiar mountains, lakes, caves, and stunning views.” – Andy Ridosh

See Trip Advisor Reviews

Option #7 – Canada – Red Rock Canyon –
3 hour 15 minute car ride each way – 0.5 mile – 66ft elevation change

“In my opinion, the best trail in the park is Red Rock Canyon. I like it because it is different from its counterparts in Glacier. It has an identity, an identity literally written in the walls of the canyon. ” -Andy Ridosh

See Trip Advisor Reviews

Option #8 – Canada – Waterton Village

“A great place to stop for dinner is Waterton Village. It’s a small, peaceful town that somehow manages to, despite its popularity, not force you to fight crowds of people to get to your destination. It’s also close to the Bertha Lake Trail, one of the other high rated trails, so we could stop there for lunch before a hike.” – Andy Ridosh
More info on Waterton Village

Option #9 – St Mary’s Excursion
St Mary’s Baring Falls/ Virginia Falls – 2.9 miles, 452 ft elevation change and Hidden Lake Overlook 
– 2.7 miles Difficulty 3.7, 490 ft elevation change

This option is an all day trip to the St Mary’s area. We would hike the Baring Falls/ Virginia Falls in the morning. We would eat lunch at Lake McDonald lodge and then hike the Hidden Lake Overlook in the afternoon.

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Question #6 – Friday, June 28 – Whitefish Resort

The troop will spend a 1/2 day on Friday at Whitefish resort. The activities available include zip lining, alpine slide, downhill biking, scenic lift, and an aerial adventure park. We will need to reserve ziplining in advance, so that is the only survey question.

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