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Devil’s Lake – Rock Climbing – May 3rd to May 5th

We will be leaving from the Legion at 5:30pm on Friday evening. We will return at around 10:00am on Sunday morning.

Here are some camping tips:

If it is going to get under 50 degrees, be sure to prepare for cold weather camping. Don’t forget your hat to sleep in.

Here is our cold weather camping guide

Here is our sample packing list

Be sure to eat dinner before arriving on Friday evening.

Be sure to bring a full water bottle (the troop brings water to refill the water bottles)

If it might rain, be sure to bring rain gear and an extra pair of shoes or boots that can get muddy.

We might be setting up in the dark, so be sure to bring a flashlight or headlamp.
Be at the Legion by 5:30pm on Friday.
If you are already in the OA (adults included), please bring you sash.

For new scouts parents – the scouts sleep in troop tents, two to a tent. Each adults typically sleeps in his own personal tent. Some adults prefer to borrow a troop tent to sleep in. If you need to borrow a troop tent, please let us know.

Rock Climbing is OPTIONAL, which is why the cost of the outing is either $25 if you are not rock climbing and $130 if you are rock climbing.

Rock Climbing is through Devils Lake Climbing Guides

Rock Climbing includes:

All technical equipment (harness, helmet, shoes) & instruction
Maximum 5:1 climber/instructor ratio
5-6 hours of rock climbing and instruction
Everyone learns how to tie in, belay, and climb
Enough ropes/routes for everyone to be actively involved at all tim

Typical activities on group climbing days:

Size and outfit all climbers with personal equipment at trailhead
15-20 minutes hike to cliff area, often up steep terrain
Belay and tie-in instruction in small break-out groups
Students belay with instructor supervision and backup
Students climb 3 to 6 routes on 25′ – 85′ cliffs

We need to meet a minimum of at least 8 people to rock climb. The price drop for each additional person who registers for rock climbing up until we hit 12. At 12 rock climbers then the price drops by $30. Therefore, the prices shown for registering are the maximum price of $130 ($25 camping plus $105 climbing). The actual price may end up being $100 ($25 camping plus $75 climbing), in which case you will receive a refund of the difference later.

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