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We’re Heading Out West!

Glacier National Park
June 19th – July 1st, 2019

We are going on a high adventure trip to Glacier National Park from June 19th through July 1st.

Requires Committee Approval.
Space very limited.
Older scouts priority.
Must have completed a summer camp.
Must be 13 or over. Must be First class.
Must sign code of conduct – scouts and parents.

Important Dates:
Thursday, March 14th – Presentation – Legion – 7:00pm
Thursday, April 4th – Planning Meeting – Legion – 7:00pm
Thursday, April 25 – Planning Meeting – Legion – 7:00pm
Thursday, April 25 – $250 non-refundable deposit due
Thursday, May 9th – Planning Meeting – Legion – 7:00pm – Canceled
Wednesday, May 22nd – Planning Meeting – Legion – 7:00pm
Wednesday, June 5th – Planning Meeting – Legion – 7:00pm (final payment due)

REI Wilderness First Aid – June 8th and June 9th

NEW! Please Complete Our SECOND Survey. This one is for Activities only!

Cost Estimate: (as of 5/30/2019)

$43359 scouts, 7 adults
Lodging$6448.30Scouts 4 to a room
Adults 2 to a room
(adults can pay more
for an individual room)
Meals$3960$7.50 per meal
National Park Pass$80
Access / Park Fees$120Mt Rushmore (50)
Devil’s Tower
Custer State Park (100)
Misc (Bear sprays, tshirts, contingency)$605
$885 – scout
$974 (adult sharing room)
$1231 (adult individual room)

Possible Excursions – these details will be worked out in future planning sessions. The cost may be less. The White Water Rafting is assuming full day. ATV is assuming 4 or 6 man ATVs.

Alpine Slide$7 to $10 per slide
White Water Rafting$75
ATV (4 man)$85
Fishing License (2 day)$50
Fishing Casting Clinic$55
Motorboat rental (10ph)$25 per hour
Other (Kayaking, Cycling, Canoeing)$100

Total Cost of Trip: $885 or $974 or $1231 plus the above excursion costs (best guess as of 5/30/2019)


The following information is needed:

1) Youth Protection Training – if you are NOT a registered leader with the troop, please print out the certificate and provide a copy to Mark Smith. The link is: Create an account if you do not have one, then go to e-learning. We will need proof that you have completed this training within the past 2 years. If you are registered with the troop, then we already have electronic access to your YPT.
2) Medical Forms – parts A and B are required if you didn’t turn them in during rechartering. Part C requires a physical.
3) Code of Conduct – please print or email a copy of Mrs Davern.
4) Canada Permission Form – just in case we end up travelling to Canada
5) Permission Form (Eventbrite registration):


Wednesday, June 19th

Meet at Legion at 6:30AM. Depart at 7:00AM. Drive from Lake Zurich to Oacoma, SD (9 hour, 38 minute drive - 686 miles).

Stay at Quality Inn in Oacoma

Thursday, June 20th

Drive from Oacoma to Black Hills (4 hour, 7 minute drive - 250 miles). Stay at campsite.

Along the way, stop at:

Badlands (Door, Window and Notch Trails).
Minuteman Missile
Wall Drug
Badlands Ranch Store (Feed Prairie Dogs)

We will stay at the Medicine Man BSA Camp's Family Camp (Larry Cozine Family Campground - Group Site A - holds 40 people)
Friday, June 21stSpend day in the Black Hills. Camp second night. (~150 miles of driving around)

Mt Rushmore (whole troop)

Possible ATV
Custer State Park
Needles Hwy
Jewel Cave
Saturday, June 22nd

Drive from Rapid City to Billings, MT. (5 hours, 44 minutes - 363 miles) Stay in hotel.

Devil's Tower in the morning. Hike Red Beds Trail. (2.4 miles)

Stay at Quality Inn Homestead Park in Billings, MT
Sunday, June 23rd

Drive From Billings, MT to West Glacier KOA (6 hours, 53 minutes - 417 miles) between noon and 6:00pm. Check in at 3:00pm.

Stay at West Glacier KOA

Eoin arrives.

Monday, June 24thSpend day in Glacier National Park (~300 miles of driving around while in Glacier)

hiking - 1/2 day (whole troop)

Apgar / Lake McDonald - canoe/kayak/rowboat/motor boating/fishing - 1/2 day (whole troop, though some might
not canoe/kayak/rowboat or motorboat)

Tuesday, June 25thSpend day in Glacier National Park

Hiking Many Glacier - all day (whole troop)
Wednesday, June 26thSpend day in Glacier National Park

morning open 1/2 day
Whitewater Rafting 1/2 day afternoon (whole troop)

Eoin is leaving. Joanne and Monique arriving - flight lands at noon.
Thursday, June 27thSpend day in Glacier National Park.

Hiking (Two Medicine) or Canada - all day (split troop)
Friday, June 28thSpend day in Glacier National Park

Whitefish Mountain resort - downhill biking / ziplining / alpine slide - 1/2 day (whole troop)

afternoon - open - possible hike 1/2 day
Saturday, June 29th

Drive from Glacier National Park to Dickinson, ND (changing to Glendive) (10 hours, 7 minutes - 645 miles). Stay in hotel.

Stay at Quality Inn in Dickinson, ND

Joanne and Monique fly out in the morning.
Sunday, June 30th

Drive from Dickinson, ND (changing to Glendive) to to Alexandria, MN (5 hours, 38 minutes - 394 miles). Stay in hotel.

Stay at Hampton Inn in Alexandria, MN
Monday, July 1st

Drive from Alexandria, MN to Lake Zurich (7 hours, 44 minutes - 498 miles). Stop at Spam Museum along the way.


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